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Augur is a peer-to-peer, decentralized exchange, enabling universal and transparent access to its markets. "Augur is an open, global prediction market protocol that allows anyone to create a market for anything. There is no single entity that controls the protocol; it’s community owned and operated." Nick Tomaino. 1Confirmation.
Augur definition is - an official diviner of ancient Rome. How to use augur in a sentence. Did you know?
Augur definition, one of a group of ancient Roman officials charged with observing and interpreting omens for guidance in public affairs. See more.
The live Augur price today is $16.72 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $13,067,927 USD. Augur is down 0.87% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #165, with a live market cap of $183,926,567 USD. It has a circulating supply of 11,000,000 REP coins and the max. supply is not available.
Augur is a decentralized oracle and prediction market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to forecast events and be rewarded for predicting them correctly.
An augur was a priest and official in the classical Roman world. His main role was the practice of augury: Interpreting the will of the gods by studying the flight of birds – whether they were flying in groups or alone, what noises they made as they flew, direction of flight, and what kind of birds they were. This was known as "taking the auspices".The augural ceremony and function of the ...
augur definition: 1. to be a sign of especially good or bad things in the future: 2. to be a sign of especially good…. Learn more.
AUGUR is a web-based tool which checks the availability of GPS integrity (RAIM – receiver autonomous integrity monitoring) for a variety of operations, including in the terminal area and on final approaches.
Augur is an Ethereum-based decentralized prediction market that leverages the wisdom of the crowds to create a search engine for the future. Augur allows users to create their markets for specific questions they may have and to profit from the trading buys while allowing users to buy positive or negative shares regarding the outcome of a future event.
Augur. Augur is a decentralized oracle and peer to peer protocol for prediction markets. Augur is free, public, open source software, portions of which are licensed under the General Public License (GPL) and portions of which are licensed under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) license.
The Augur by Augur Studios. A virtual tabletop for solo RPGs, play and create amazing stories using a game designed to immerse you in the narrative and stimulate your creativity. Maps, scenes, battles, Avatars, Portraits, Oracles, Tables, journals, notebooks, Equipment, Items, and Enemies. The Augur has everything.
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