White Paper


Main Objective

Create a truly Decentralised Crypto & Block chain Directory to enable users to freely add content related to any crypto project. Users can add their own comments to projects with related links and at the same time earn token rewards for thier contribution to the Eco system.

Aims & Goals

a.) To create an online resource not dependent on centralised information such as direct press releases/ news articles from crypto projects based on information only they want to distribute.
b.) To enable users to write their own comments about online articles which may promote FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) on purpose to steer projects in a certain direction. This method will enable users to comment on such articles with their views which may differ from the views intended by the publisher of the article.
c.) To distinguish alive projects from dead projects. Some crypto projects may be dead and still listed in Tier 1 Exchanges, but no one knows if they have been abandoned on or as Tier 1 Exchanges or even any Exchange may not have delisted it as yet and it is only used for pump and dump purposes. By users commenting on projects they can give additional information from Telegram groups and other sources.
d.) To be a research platform for users to select projects based on activities and events taking place and new developments about the projects without directly going to their web sites. Latest news articles can be posted on progress developments.
e.) To enable users to share projects in a cohesive manner with anyone by selecting multiple projects in their directories and sharing all the sites and 1 or more of their contacts.
f.) To improve to level of information available in the main resource by enable new articles, links & comments to be auto added to the main resource.
g.) To enable resources to be searched on comments rather than descriptions with in web site links or meta tags.
g.) To create a successful blockchain of online crypto resources using the Binance Smart Chain.

Road Map 2021

Q1 –To create an active working resource that uses the Bing spider to search for additional web, news, & video related links and being able to easily select and add the links to the directory.
Q2 –To enable working Android and Iphone Apps that can be downloaded and used on users smart phone for the directory. Create a mining token rewards for users that enter articles into the directory that are distributed to them on a monthly basis.
Q3 –To get listed in an exchange so tokens can be freely traded by users
Q4 –To grow substantially as a resource so becomes the go to place for information on crypto projects by using it regularly and contributing to the project.


Founder / Lead Project Manager - Adil Sheikh – 20 years’ experience building directories and business portals such as Asian Business Directory, Middle East Business Directory, South America Business Directory, China Business Directory , Dubai Business Directory & Africa Business Directory.

Lead System developer / Lead programmer - BitmixSoft - 20 years’ experience in PHP Software development. Developed the PHP backend software that runs most job portals active on the internet.