About Spotgap.com

Hello and welcome to spotgap.com.

My name is Adil Sheikh and we build business directories where businesses can list their business for free. One day I decided that it would be nice if everyone could have their own directory of web sites they could edit or delete as they wish and share sites with others.

Spotgap.com is the result of this - it is your own personalised free online directory. There is no charge to use it and nor will there be a charge to use it - you are free to build your own directory of web sites and share sites with contacts, friends and family and they in turn can receive multiple links from your directory and add it to their own directory, it is as simple as that.

We hope you enjoy using the site and please tell others about it so even hey can build their own directory too. If you need to contact me you can at adil@spotgap.com