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  • Category: P-R Crypto / Qtum

    Comments: Qtum is an open-sourced blockchain application platform. Qtum utilizes the UTXO model, solidity smart contracts, and proof-of-stake consensus to support a broad array of industries and use cases.
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    Comments: BAT is a utility token meant for use in the BAT platform. It is transferable. While we are aware that the token is currently being traded on the exchanges listed here and elsewhere, we have not encouraged or facilitated this exchange trading in any way. W
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  • Category: A-C Crypto / Celo

    Comments: The Celo Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the US that supports the growth and development of the open-source Celo Platform. Guided by the Celo community tenets, the Foundation contributes to education, technical research, environmental hea
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